Back To The 90's

Feel young again with a selection of 90's dancemusic!

Saturday 20hr (Cet)

Dj Ferre's Dance Palace

A pure dance mix by Dj Ferre!

Belgium born Dj based in Spain brings us the best mix of new and classic dance hits!

Wednesday 16hr (Cet)

Replay 24hr (Cet)

Dj's Hour!

One Dj, one broadcast! A Dj set of a selected Dj by the RetroDance Team!

Friday 16hr (Cet)

Vinyl Generation

Celebration of the analog Dj! A live set on Vinyl!

announced on facebook!


Let the bass kick ya in tha nuts! Pounding beats on high bpm's!

Thursday 22hr (Cet)

Non-Stop Dance!

A non stop rotation of the classix and the new!

In between the shows

From Dj's to dj's and the massive listners of Dance music.

Based near Antwerp, Belgium we broadcast the best dancable music from the past and the now!

Futuring shows will contain pre recorded Dj set's as well as Live Dj performances via LiveStreaming!

Get ready for the best classix and the new bombs!

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